Har admi alag sahi magar umang ek hey
Juda juda hey surte lahoo ka rang ek hey

Tum hey jo yea libaas hai bahot aziz dosto
Haki ko to kodapney ki hey yea chiz dosto
Yaha badal na hal kisi ka naam nang ek hey.

Bani hey saari kaynaat pyar ki khamirse
Na aaye gar tum hey yakeen to puch lo zamirse
Zamir ki har ek sada ka rang dhang ek hey.

Yaaha har ek saks ka balandtar makam hoon
Mite dilose nafrate sabhika ehenteram hoon
Iss ehenteram ke lye haamari zang ek hey.



People are uniqiue, but aspiration is One and the Same:
We all look different but blood is of the same hue.

The whole universe is created with the essence of Love,
Ask your heart if you do not believe me,
For the tune and melody of all inner voices is the same.

That every soul is to be held in high esteem,
Hearts should be free of hate, and everybody respected,
In this war to attain that respect, we are all on the same side.

Even today I am hearing that song in every city and town,
Which can enchant even this indifferent and cruel world,
Each and every song coming forth is striking the SAME NOTE.

  • Singer : Mehdi Hassan
  • Movie : Zindagi Ek Safar Hai (1972)
  • Lyricist : Qateel Shifai

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